Saved From What?

Christians often talk about their “salvation” or the fact that they are “saved.” Perhaps these expressions sound strange to you. May you’ve wondered from what these Christians have been saved or why they would need salvation in the first place. The phrases “I’ve been saved” or “You must be saved” make little sense if there is no impending danger.

Once we understand the biblical context to these expressions, however, their meaning becomes clearer and we begin to see the necessity of being saved. Let’s take a moment to consider a few Bible passages that speak to the matter of salvation.

The Bible teaches that our holy, infinite-personal God created the heavens and the earth—all of reality (Gen 1:1). He also created man an woman in his image (Gen 1:26), placed them in a lush garden so that they could guard the garden and work the land. They were commanded to enjoy the abundance  At their initial creation, the man and woman were without sin. Shortly after their creation, however, they disobeyed God’s


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